Foster School of Business – Environmental Innovation Challenge Video

A vid I did back at my Foster SOB days. Featuring the Environmental Innovation Challenge, one of the more awesome cross disciplinary events put on by the biz school:

The Queen Sweet 16

Last year, Outshine Productions produced our first Queen Sweet 16 concept battle. It featured 16 of the best b-girls from around the nation, and was promoted with the help of Pele Washington and Colleen Ross. The event turned out great, the b-girls put on an amazing show, and Pele and Bean were crucial to the implementation of the event. Attendance was lower than what I would have hoped it would be, but we didn’t lose too much, and the foundation was set for the Queen Sweet 16 to become the premiere b-girl event in the nation. I was able to piece together the footage taken by B-boy Network, and that also turned out well.

The Takeover 3

The Takeover 3 was a very stressful, but very fun event. I encountered many problems including last minute cancellations with teams around the country, time constraints with the venue, poor promotions, and many other small things here and there. In the end, it was a good event for the dance community, but not worth the stress for me.

Vivian Hsu did an amazing job on the photography tip (pictures below), and BNC came through for the video. NON from Vancouver BC came away with the first place on the 2v2, with Knuckleheads (LV) in Second. Other notables included Aerial 51 winning our first tricking competition, Aira from Flex Flave winning the power comp, Knowbody from Cali winning the all styles, and Lunatic from Unleashed winning the final spot for the Northwest Sweet 16 – 2012.

F-Rock’s Top Ten Sets of 2011

This video has become F-Rock’s biggest promotional item. In the past couple of years, we’ve gotten over 200k hits, and tons of support from the community. Initially, when I started creating these clips, it was out of necessity, and the fact that the vast majority of b-boying clips on the internet were edited very poorly. With a couple titles here and there, and some nice music, the Top Ten Sets quickly became one of the more popular b-boy videos.

This year I encountered a problem with music copyrights, and a company by the name of Base79. They are seemingly a company that seeks out copyright infringement violations and sues the end user, what most people would consider a bottom feeding, scumbag leech company. I wouldn’t disagree.

Anyways, it was taken down from Youtube, and I ended up posting on Vimeo.

Seattle Snow Day 2012

Seattlites were recently declared snow wimps or something of that nature by an LA Times writer. Can’t really argue with that, considering we did just shut down the city for 3 days for what other cities wouldn’t have blinked an eye for. But hey, Seattle knows how to act like a kid again, and that’s what I like about it.

I took about an  hour out of my busy schedule of playing video games to create a ramp on the monstrous hill outside my apartment. We inner tubed down in for the next couple days, and quite a lot of other people got some enjoyment out of it too. Check out the quick vid that I created for it.

Uomoto Family Vacation 2011 – Shaw Island

Over the snow break (Jan 18-20, 2012) I had a little extra time to catch up with some videos that I’ve been wanting to do. This one is from my family’s vacation to Shaw Island in the San Juans in August of 2011. This particular family vacation was meaningful because Dad has been sick and his health has been fluctuating over the last couple of years.

I used a Aiptek HD flip cam for filming. The chip in the camcorder does not record light as well as I like it to, but it is super portable, and fun to use. Edited in post production with Final Cut Pro, and posted to Vimeo as oppose to Youtube due to song restrictions.